Various "knowledge", which has been brought up by time, is latent in the city. It is what has melted into our daily life and what has been included in our usual space. It exists in the various form and state.

Although there is much "knowledge" which is already actualized and co-recognized as the foundation of our city life, it is a fact that there is much what is still latent, without being recognized intentionally. Since it is accepted too much naturally, we have not been conscious of it.

Actualizing latent "knowledge" and making it co-recognized to citizens can give them confidence and pride to their own city. They will recognize a daily life and the scenery of streets as confidence or pride of their city. This confidence and pride will make a city sustainable.

In order to actualize latent "knowledge", we have to see "a usual life" and "a usual scene" intentionally. And we have to represent, communicate and co-recognize actualized "knowledge". We need to establish the technology for actualizing and co-recognizing the latent "knowledge".

How can we actualize and co-recognize latent "knowledge" in the city?

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Hongo, Univ. of Tokyo
Hongo, Univ. of Tokyo