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Urban Land Use Planning Unit, The University of Tokyo

Department of Urban Engineering, School of Engineering

Faculty Members

Associate Professor
Planning Methodology

Rikutaro MANABE
Associate Professor
Information & Communication Technology

Assistant Professor
Urban and Community Planning in Aging Society

Takahiro YOSHIDA
Assistant Professor
Urban Systems Design, Spatial Statistics

Project Researcher
Projection of Climate Change Impacts and Evaluation of Adaptation


Main Research Topics

  • Sustainable Urban Form and Environment
    in Response to Climate Change, Disasters and Aging Society

  • Smart Cities and Information in Urban Planning
    Usage of Smart Technologies, Spatial Information, Big Data and Social Medias

  • Growth/Shrink Management & Comprehensive Planning
    Development and Evaluation of Municipal Urban Master Plans and Local Ordinances

  • New Neighborhood Model for the Aged Community
    with Elderly Care Services and Housing

  • Major Amendment to the City Planning Act
    for Livable Environment and Regional Land Use Planning

Major Research Projects

Studio Work

Faculty Members and Students