Urban Land Use Planning Unit, The University of Tokyo

Department of Urban Engineering, School of Engineering
(Associate Professor Akito MURAYAMA , Associate Professor Rikutaro MANABE, Assistant Professor Ryoichi NITANAI)


General/Comprehensive/Master Planning, Land Use Planning, Urban Development, District Planning, Land Use and Urban Form Control, Planning Process, Sustainability Assessment, Machizukuri Digital Transformation, Information in City, Multi-Stakeholder Participation, Participation Methods and Tools

Main Research Topics

  • Sustainable Urban Form and Environment
    in Response to Climate Change, Disasters and Aging Society
  • Smart Cities and Information in Urban Planning
    Usage of Smart Technologies, Spatial Information, Big Data and Social Medias
  • Growth/Shrink Management & Comprehensive Planning
    Development and Evaluation of Municipal Urban Master Plans and Local Ordinances
  • New Neighborhood Model for the Aged Community
    with Elderly Care Services and Housing
  • Major Amendment to the City Planning Act
    for Livable Environment and Regional Land Use Planning